Fund A Need

If you are interested in purchasing or making a donation towards one of the items listed below, please email Mr. Steve Baly or make an online donation. We will also accept any used items that are in good-to-excellent condition. Please check back often as this list will change as needs arise.



Approximate Cost

Furnace/AC Filters

$350 ea.

Commercial Vacuums

$2,000 ea.

8’ Plastic Tables

$90 ea.

Multimeter – Fluke 116

(to aid in repair of AC units)


Network Upgrade

(for capacity, speed, manageability)



$4,000 ea.



4 Handheld Wireless Microphones

$500-$1,000 ea.

2 Rolling Coolers (60 quart)

$30-$50 ea.

2 Water Coolers (5 gallon)

$30-$50 ea.

Permanent TCS Sign

(on Black Road; must conform to village code)