Student Leadership

Trinity Christian School believes in the power of student leadership. We know that God has gifted our students in many ways. We desire for our students to grow their gifts and learn how to use them in a positive way, glorifying the Lord. Our hope is that as we train our students to become leaders, they will take these leadership tools and apply them to their current and future educational experiences. Through our student leadership, we believe that lives will be changed for God's kingdom as our students are sent out to attend and lead at many different high schools. 

While students are being trained to be leaders daily in the classroom, Trinity Christian also offers many leadership opportunities through a variety of TCS clubs and activities.

Student Leadership    


**Student Council: Our Student Council exists to promote school spirit, provide opportunities for leadership training, and set an example of outstanding Christian conduct. Our student council members are held to a higher standard are required to sign a code of conduct contract that they understand and must follow. The student council is responsible for representing the students to the administration and for developing student life in the areas of spiritual stimuli and social awareness. Our students campaign to be on student council and make a speech for the middle school student body to vote on. Our student council is made up of 6th - 8th graders. These members may hold the position of a representative, secretary, our treasurer, vice president, or president. Listed below are some of the events student council runs/plans:                                                       

·         Cookie Dough/ButterBraid Fundraiser

·         Craft Fair Bake Sale

·         Spirit Week and Spirit Week Pep Assembly

·         Candy Gram Fundraiser

·         Middle School Late Night

·         Dollar Dress Down Days  

Each year, Student Council members attend a conference designed to strengthen and build up their spiritual lives entitled CIY Believe in Holland, Michigan. This conference has greatly impacted many of our students' lives, their faith and their desire to continue to lead and grow in high school.

If you have any questions about Student Council, please feel free to email Miss Bekermeier at kbekermeier@trinitychristian.info.


Chapel Leadership

**HeartSong: HeartSong is an elective class available to 7th and 8th grade students.  HeartSong teaches students how to lead their peers in chapel through the gift of music. HeartSong students are not only taught how to sing, but they are taught how to lead through worship. Throughout the semester, students grow more confident in their ability to sing, their stage presence, and in their ability to engage the student body in song. 

If you are interested in HeartSong or have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Tanka at vtanka@trinitychristian.info. 


**Ribbon Dance: Ribbon Dance is another opportunity to allow 4th and 5th grade girls to lead the student body in worship through the gift of dance. Ribbon Dancers are taught to use their gifts and talents for God's glory. While learning dance technique, they also learn how to worship the Lord in all they do. Ribbon Dancers perform at two chapels during the school year and at the annual Trinity Christian School Benefit Event.

If you have any questions about Ribbon Dance, please feel free to contact Miss Bekermeier at kbekermeier@trinitychristian.info.


Our Student Leadership focus occurs not only through activities and clubs, but also in the classroom. Leadership is stressed in all aspects of the students’ learning experience at TCS. Additionally, each class is given the opportunity to lead one chapel throughout the year. Our students are also given opportunities to perform in the Christmas play and spring musical. Our classroom teachers provide opportunities to lead in the community and serve and love others the way that Jesus serves and loves us.

Trinity Christian School desires to create disciples of Jesus through the gift of leadership.