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TCS Parent and Alumni Remarks:

“There are so many reasons to love Trinity Christian School – academics, sports, and even the facility.  But we love Trinity for what money can’t buy…Our kids living out what they learn in the Bible – just like their teachers!” – TCS Parent

“When I was younger, I sang my songs, said my prayers and tried to do right.  But when the topic of 'being saved' came up, everything changed.  Thanks to Trinity Christian School, my relationship with God improved as I accepted Jesus into my heart!  Trinity has given me great confidence for my future.”  – TCS Alumnus

“A friend invited us to the Fall Benefit Dinner and then the Open House…We went to see the new building and left completely impressed with the opportunities for our kids - science, computers, classrooms and teachers who believe in our children.  Today, our kindergartener won’t let us eat a meal without thanking God – truly amazing!” – TCS Parent

“This was our first year at TCS after several years in a public school. We have been so happy here and know that we made the right decision by switching to Trinity Christian. Our kids have grown in so many ways this year...spiritually, academically, socially, and in maturity. The other students made my children feel comfortable and accepted them right away. It is so refreshing to hear them want to pray for their classmates and teachers every night. God is so present in the school and among the staff. I can't say enough about how happy we are to be a part of TCS!” – TCS Parent

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