School Board

Alexander, Fred
President, Board of Directors
Board Chairman Dr. Fred Alexander, father of four TCS alumni, served on the Steering Committee prior to our launch, and has been on the board since 1993.
Byrer, Jonas
Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Byrer joined the TCS School Board in 2017.
Goergen, Jerry
Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Goergen has served the Trinity Christian School Board since 1995.
Herod, John
Member, Board of Directors
A Logistics Manager, Mr. Herod has served on our board since 2007. He finds especially moving the message of Ephesians 4:1-6.
Zeeman, JD
Member, Board of Directors
Little, Crystal
Member, Board of Directors/PTM Member
Mrs. Little joined the TCS School Board in 2017.

School Board Meetings

School Board Meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of every month. TCS Parents are welcome to attend the open session that begins at 7 p.m.